Barn Manager

Oxford, MA


Boston Equestrian Center is seeking help for its show jumping and horse boarding facility in Oxford, MA. The applicant would be responsible for managing day-to-day operations and taking care of the stabled horses.


  • Feeding horses 3x a day in early morning, mid-day, and evening

  • Turning out horses during the day

  • Exercising horses both under saddle and with a lunging equipment

  •  The Barn Manager will help facilitate lessons, including setting up the jumping and training courses in the indoor and outdoor arenas at the equestrian facility

  •  The applicant is expected to travel and stay at horse show locations (3-5 days at a time) away from the home during the show season (May-September)

  • At a horse show, primary duties include managing the setup and running the stables, getting horses ready for classes including assistance during warm ups and training


  • The applicant must have a minimum of 7 years of horseback riding experience

  • Hunter jumper showing experience is a plus

  • The applicant must be comfortable with managing and providing for horses and understands the principles of training and preparing horses for high-level competitions

  • He or she must be self-motivated and be able to run the facility on his or her own when the principal owner and trainer is away and when not accompanying him to a horse show

The pay is commensurate with experience and the ability shown during a hands-on interview and a practical test.