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About Us

At Boston Equestrian, we develop riders who are ready to embrace the sport and look forward to owning a horse.

Our Company

Who We Are

Boston Equestrian Center was created in 1995, with more than 25 years of experience in the horse industry, we are the perfect choice for you. We have the ability to set you up for success and to work towards your goals. 

We are conveniently located 50 minutes drive from Boston (Mass Pike), providing you with an easy commute to your favorite occupation.

Our Company

What We Do

We are home to horse enthusiasts, our training is customized to meet individual needs and goals. We offer full board services, horse and rider training. We are also dedicated to finding the right partner for you by introducing you to our horses for sale and for lease.

Our Values

Our motto “Work smart, not hard” creates an atmosphere where horses and riders get to enjoy the excitement of a job well done. Our growth mindset allows you to progress and to transform challenges into opportunities.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Jamal's picture.jpg
Jamal El Jadidi

Owner/ Trainer/ Instructor

Jamal is available to owners and leasers boarded at B.EC. and can show horses for sale by appointment. 

Grand Prix competitor, Jamal El Jadidi who has been competing on the US and international circuit (representing Morocco and USA). Jamal has been teaching students from all over the world for over 30 years.


Before coming to the United States he taught at premier riding clubs in Morocco and France. Jamal regularly brings students to A&B-rated shows throughout New England.

Katheryn El Jadidi


Kate runs the non-profit arm of the Boston Equestrian Center.


She creates unique horse experiences to teach teamwork, leadership, and mental well-being. 

"Our farm is a great way to augment the mission of being stewards of the land and each other"

Our Team
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